Award Winning Artisan-Made  Foods  & Craft Maple Syrups

Bourbon Barrel Aging Process

Our award-winning Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup is the result of patiently aging pure Vermont maple syrup inside perfectly conditioned American white oak barrels, just after they released the handcrafted bourbon that had matured inside.  This kid-friendly, artisan Maple Syrup was voted the #1 maple syrup by a panel of celebrity chefs and food critics at the CT Food Association's 2016 specialty foods competition. It has a rich, soft, complex character with subtle hints of smoke, fruit & oak, with buttery-smooth vanilla & caramel undertones.

Enjoy Maple-Craft Syrups over ice cream, cake, fruit, etc.  Use it to marinate or baste salmon & other proteins.  Mix it in cocktails, coffee in place of sugar/syrup.  And of course, use it to transform your pancakes, waffles, sausage & bacon to entirely new altitudes! 

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Some sediment or small flakes from the carmelized wood sugars on the inside of the oak barrels may be seen. It is a conscious decision to leave in this source of character and flavor.  Its harmless - enjoy!